We're back for 2020...
Really Awesome CTF
...and it's going to be massive!
Let's Go!

What is RACTF?

RACTF is a student-run, extensible, open-source, capture-the-flag event.

In more human terms, we run a set of cyber-security challenges, of many different varieties, with many difficulty levels, for the sole purposes of having fun and learning new skills.

Hold on. What's a capture-the-flag?

In a capture-the-flag event, unlike what might come to mind, you don't all meet up and run around in a field (as fun as that would be). Instead, a number of challenges are published, each with a hidden piece of text within it, the "flag". Your aim is to solve the challenges, by whatever means you want, and find this "flag". By presenting this flag to the site, you are awarded a number of points based off how hard the challenge is considered.

What can I expect?

As a team, we have rebuilt the entire platform this year! Not only can you expect the shinest, brand-spanking new platform, written from the ground up to perform amazingly, you can be guaranteed that you can take part.

Instead of plunging into the deep end, we have challenges starting with basic concepts, allowing participants to build core skills, which transition into more complex and advanced challenges, ensuring that everyone has something that they can enjoy.

We have challenges in many different aspects of cyber-security:

Who's behind this?

We are a small team of students, with a shared interest in cyber-security. We have all worked on the platform in our free time, and are confident in its ability to give you an amazing experience.